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Working in my studio is F'ing up my skin!

Working in my studio is F'ing up my skin!

Working in a ceramics studio wreaks havoc on your skin and hands. Being in a pottery studio with all that clay sucking the moisture out of the air as well as handling clays that discolor your nails... it's hard to stay pretty. Especially when you are in your 40's like I am. I thought I'd share my favorite, super hydrating skincare products that are saving me from the dreaded "studio skin"

This Cos De Baha Hyluraonic acid is a lifesaver after a long day in the studio.  But remember - HA pulls moisture from the environment so only use after the studio so applying it in the dry studio environment will have the opposite effect. I apply Weleda Skin Food on top of my HA before it drys to lock the moisture in. In fact, I apply Skin Food all day everyday in my studio. It's by far the the most hydrating moisturizer I have found.

Also, the most crucial after studio skincare step is cleansing with an oil cleanser. Keeping your skin hydrated and not striping your skin's natural barrier with harsh soaps will keep your skin glowing. I like the rose oil cleanser by Badger.

 My skin starts to feel really dry and even painful after a long day in the studio. Spritzing my face through out the day with rose water spray by Mario Badescu is another life saver.

A must have in any studio to keep hands and nails clean, not to mention safe from heavy metals or other chemicals leaching into my skin, is a product called Liquid Gloves. I also love the 80's looking branding of this product... I'm a sucker for heritage brands!

Hope you find these tips helpful with your studio skin!

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