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Our products are all handmade to order and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Stylish Ceramics. Made in warm California.

Your home is your sanctuary and should be a reflection of you! That's why we believe your home is worth investing the same attention and care you put into yourself. We relish in creating products that are playful & chic - with an eye for distinctive style. Our handcrafted ceramics feature iconic motifs, shapes and colors that are inspired by art & fashion - with just a hint of humor that we hope will bring joy to your home and table.

Our grounded sense of glamour is what makes Lux Eros so refreshing, We infuse our hand-shaped clay ceramics with elements of fashion that rock everything, from pyramid studs to cheeky lip motifs. Like fashion, our work is constantly evolving.

We pay extra close attention to evolving color and print trends to make sure our collection is always up-to-date. From Bold leopard print to beautiful blush. We encourage our customers to have fun when shopping our brand - Whether you Mix and match from across our product line or make a solid statement.

True utilitarian art.

About The Company

In the garage of a cozy A-frame structure, Desanka's space, much like her work, is alive with
personality. Having spent many years in the fashion world, Desanka found her creative niche
making chic handcrafted pottery. This transition from clothing to ceramics was sparked by the
desire for a more nurturing and supportive artistic environment. Initially a series of creative
workshops ran out of Desanka's home, Lux Eros’ early days were focused on building community.
This thread continues to run through the core of the company’s ethos as a local Los Angeles,
woman-owned business.

  Every piece is handmade to order in our sunny Los Angeles studio. 


desanka in studio

A Message from the founder

Hello! I'm Desanka. I'm the designer and founder of Lux Eros. I started this business after a long career as a fashion designer. About half way through my career, I started to get burned out. I took up ceramics as a hobby because it was a creative outlet that was about as opposite as you could get from fashion - and I loved it! As I was transitioning out of the fashion world, I could not figure out what I was going to do with myself. Everyone kept telling me that I needed to start a ceramics business, and although I love ceramics and the idea of building a business out of it - I was scared! Eventually, as the demand for my ceramics grew, it became evident that this was my calling. I love creating approachable, stylish and fun pieces for the home. I strive to make products that make people smile. I hope I've made you smile today too!

"I believe the way we style our homes should bring us joy."

Meet Our Team

Our small team of artisans are committed to crafting beautiful and unique products. Each piece is custom made to order by one of us!

Desanka Fasiska, Founder & Mama

Chloe Folger, Studio Manager & Product Development

Andrea Burr